Announcing Sound Workshops - Sound 101 with Bounce NZ

Written on April 7, 2014

These workshops will be run by Bounce NZ in association with MTNZ. The content will be relevant for those societies with smaller and medium sized venues


Latest News From the Copyright Holders

Written on April 7, 2014

Over Paid, Over Sexed, and Over Here!

Hilarious home front hijinks abound in Devon Williamson's latest hit comedy "Over Paid, Over Sexed, and Over Here!"

The Tauranga based playwrights latest show "Over Paid, Over Sexed, and Over Here" takes a light-hearted look at life in New Zealand during world war two when the Americans invaded New Zealand on their way to fight in the Pacific.

It's mid-1942 and as our men fight overseas a sleepy seaside Kiwi town is about to experience an invasion by the Americans. The arrival of the Yanks brings much needed excitement for the ladies, but for the local lads there are three big problems with the visitors… they're over paid, they're over sexed, and they're over here!  Devon Williamson's new play is a highly entertaining and at times disarmingly poignant observation of life in New Zealand during this iconic period of our history. "Devon's trademark wit and keen sense of the ridiculous are here in abundance", says Detour Theatre's Glen Morris, who plays one of the local lads struggling with being left behind while his mates are all at war. "The play is very, very funny but there's no missing the sense of gravity that lies just beneath the surface. Knowing that people experienced the situations we're acting gives the play an added vitality".

Set in the Mays' family home, behind their struggling dry-cleaning store, the story revolves around the three Mays sisters and their father, a shell-shocked World War One veteran. Enjoying being the local "ladies man", until the Americans arrive and turn everything upside down, is the dimwitted Jack. This self-important air raid protection volunteer is quickly reeling from the impact made by the charismatic usurping American Servicemen. Rounding out the character list is an outrageous former Can-can Dancer from the Moulin Rouge in Hokitika!

The play's premiere season has opened to rave reviews and runs through to mid April; after which it will be released by The Play Bureau for production elsewhere.  With over 50 theatre productions of his plays through New Zealand and Australia, Williamson has established himself as a popular and topical comedy playwright. This year his play "How to Train Your Husband" will premiere in the USA.

Detour Theatre Trust or contact Helen at the Play Bureau play.

NZ Musical Theatre Consortium - Hairspray now available for hire

Written on July 4, 2013

Set (designed by Harold Moot and built by NZ Opera), props and costumes (designed by Janet Hine for the Australian tour) with hire slots through 2014 and 2015.

Email for further information. Check out this Youtube footage of the Wellington production using the consortium build:

Stage Whispers TV at MTNZ AGM and Party in Dunedin

Written on April 24, 2013

A Guide to Safe Working Practices in New Zealand Theatre and Entertainment Industry

Written on June 22, 2012

This is the bible for anything regarding theatre - so please use it - it can be found on the ETNZ website - Version 12 is now available. Please contact your zone rep or President Ian if you need a copy or can't download the file or require any further clarification on anything mentioned above - thanks.

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