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History - 1962

Written on June 4, 2012

This was a bad year.

It had scarcely begun when Elsa Cresswell tendered her resignation because of family commitments. A scattered Executive took far too long to replace her, and although Terry himself carried what secretarial work he could, the Federation was almost at a standstill when, in October, the Executive met in Wellington and appointed Maureen Donaldson to the position.

There were bright spots in the picture. Stewart got his "Spotlight" circulation up to 750 and Blennerhassett was invited to sit on the Arts Advisory Council's subcommittee on amateur theatre. Faced, however, with the need to set up for the first time its own typewriter, duplicator and filing system for the new secretary, the Federation found itself unable to achieve for itself what it had achieved for member societies. Its application for a small grant was turned down, the Council feeling disinclined to help any orgnisation which could not establish itself first.

As the year closed, Maureen Donaldson's exceptional ability and capacity for work were beginning to show results and the Federation became once more a going concern.

But in December, Laird Thomson, having relinquished his position as Managing Secretary of Auckland Operatic Society, felt constrained to relinquish also his office in the Federation. More than anyone else, he had lent to an infant organisation something of his own dignity, authority and vast knowledge of theatrical administration. He was to be sorely missed.

Executive - 1962

President Frank Terry (Blenheim)
Vice Presidents Laird Thomson (Auckland - North Island); Hugh Duncan (Blenheim - South Island)
Executive Tim Blennerhassett (Wellington); Allan Wood (Invercargill); Donald Thompson (Masterton); Douglas Dyer (Gisborne); Cedric White (Napier)
Hon Secretary Elsa Cresswell (until March); Maureen Donaldson (from October)
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