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History - 1963

Written on June 4, 2012

It was in 1963 that the Federation took its greatest step forward since its inception.

Thanks to the good advice and good offices of Stanley Campbell (later to be elected our first Vice Patron in recognition of his services to the amateur operatic movement and theatre in general) the Federation received from the Arts Advisory Council a direct grant of $1,600 for its general work and for certain specific projects. In consequence the scale and scope of the Federation's work were transformed almost overnight. First came the establishment of a library of scores, scripts and books on theatre.

Then came three regional meetings of member societies, held respectively in Hamilton, Wellington and Timaru. These provided not only a chance for societies to encounter one another and to discuss common problems, but also a tentative airing of the Federation's most ambitious project to date - the regional building schemes. The idea was to lessen the cost and the hazards of building a production by grouping societies together beforehand so that they might join in choosing the show, commit themselves to take it on hire and pre-pay a portion of the hire charge. Societies were wary of it, but the measure of the Federation's achievement to that point of time was that societies were willing to listen at all.

Towards the end of the year much time and effort went into the preliminary arrangements for the Federation's first weekend school scheduled for Paraparaumu in February 1964. Two courses were planned in conjunction - one was promotion and administration and the other one musical direction.

Finally, it was in 1963 at the original NZFOS crest was formally adopted.

Executive - 1963

President Hugh Duncan (Blenheim)
Vice Presidents Tim Blennerhassett (Wellington - North Island); Allan Wood (Invercargill - South Island)
Executive Les Clark (Oamaru); Douglas Dyer (Gisborne); Waric Slyfield (Dunedin); Donald Thompson (Masterton); Cedric White (Napier)
Hon Secretary Maureen Donaldson
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