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History - 1966

Written on June 4, 2012

This was, almost to the end, another year of vigorous expansion and quite intensive activity.

Membership rose to 68 societies; indeed there was hardly a group left in NZ musical theatre that had not joined.

A weekend school was called "How the stage works", organised by Palmerston North Operatic Society and staffed entirely from within the amateur operatic movement, drew the largest gathering the movement had ever known.

The routine information and library service was busier than ever; a model set of rules was prepared for the guidance of societies.

A series of one-day seminars on specialised topics was planned, and one of these did take place at Auckland with great success.

Plans were afoot to import a producer on terms which would benefit societies generally.

The Annual General Meeting asked the Executive to try and promote the writing of a NZ musical, and plans for a contest were prepared.

Then the blow fell. The Arts Council was over-committed and its Federation grant for 1966 remained unknown for some months and was finally cut from $2,400 to $1,500. Meetings were cancelled and plans deferred. The scale of subscriptions payable by member societies, already under revision, were revised again. The Federation faced 1967 knowing that it could expect to do no more than hold the ground it already had gained.

Executive - 1966

President Tim Blennerhassett (Wellington)
Vice Presidents Donald Thompson (Masterton) - North Island); Allan Wood (Invercargill - South Island)
Executive Douglas Dyer (Gisborne); Valerie Ashenden (Wellington); Murray Marshall (Christchurch); Jim Saunders (Wanganui);Laird Thomson (Auckland)
Hon Secretary Ella Duddridge
Hon Treasurer Frank Terry
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