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History - 1967

Written on June 4, 2012

The Federation had committed itself in 1966 to its first South Island residential school - a repeat performance of "How the Stage Works" in modified form. South Canterbury was the host society, and a very successful weekend vindicated the Executive's decision to persevere with this project in the face of financial difficulties.

JOC Meredith, who travelled from Palmerston North to Timaru to lecture on stage lighting, proved himself for the second time an outstanding tutor, and it was unfortunately that ill-health was to prevent his becoming the national figure he should have been in the amateur operatic movement.

Three months later (in May) a greatly expanded glossy-paper version of Spotlight, edited this time by a professional in Duncan McPhee, made its first appearance.

These ventures apart, Executive's main concern in 1967 was to maintain the Federation's basic services and to do so within the limits of available funds. The Arts Council grant was again only $1,500 and the task of making known to the Council the magnitude and importance of the amateur operatic movement had to be tackled all over again.

Fortunately the new President Donald Thompson, was, by virtue of his wide cultural background as well as his delightful personality, the ideal man for that task.

The Council was in subsequent years to recognise the Federation as ranking equally for grants with other national amateur administrations, and on the strength of this achievement alone, Thompson's presidency must be regarded as the most successful of any down to that time.

It was in 1967 that "The Sound of Music" was released for amateur performance and enjoyed enormous success wherever played.

It was in this year that the Executive, meeting at Taupo, signed a deed of trust establishing the Capital Assistance Fund and made plans to launch the fund at the 1968 AGM.

But all in all it was a difficult year, and for nobody more than for Frank Terry who had renewed his link with the Federation in 1966 by taking over the treasury from Allan Wood.

Executive - 1967

President Donald Thompson (Masterton)
Vice Presidents Liard Thomson (Auckland) - North Island); Murray Marshall (Christchurch- South Island)
Executive Douglas Dyer (Gisborne); Jack Hancock (Tokoroa); Jack McSkimming (Palmerston North); Jim Saunders (Wanganui); Alan Wood (Invercargill)
Hon Secretary Ella Duddridge
Hon Treasurer Frank Terry
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