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History - 1972

Written on January 31, 2017

The full Executive met twice during the year, and the Standing Committee comprising of Messrs McKenzie, McSkimming and Terry four times. The balance sheet disclosed the soundness of the Federation's finances and it was noted that the Executive had continued its policy of placing funds in reserve in respect of the New Zealand Musical Competition and the Producer Subsidy Scheme.

The library continued to satisfy a very real need and Murray Marshall planned extensions to the services the library offered.

Problems with the Producer Subsidy Scheme emerges and Messrs Moore, Jackson, Fenton and Hancock were charged with looking into the whole area of training within theatre.

Costs of production of Spotlight were increasingly steadily and it was hoped to extend circulation to offset this. The $1,100 deficit in 1971 showed that the magazine was using about a quarter of the Arts Council grant.

Mr Thompson gave notice that he would be relinquishing the position of Business Manager and Mr Simms left for Britain after 18 months service.

Circulation reached an all time high of 10,596 copies over four issues. A pattern emerged showing considerable unevenness in societies showing a willingness to contribute copy.

The Capital Assistance Fund stood at $7,700 with all available money being out on loan.

Negotiations with the QE2 Arts Council had resulted in the Council's willingness to support directly, by suspensory loans, those societies which avail themselves of the Fund's lending facilities.

With the withdrawal of Sovereign Woodworkers from the Programme Competition sponsorship, the Federation willingly took on this task. President Jim McKenzie urged member societies to "maintain continual pressure in an endeavor to convince local body administrators of the importance of artistic activity in the local scene and the need for all possible assistance to our movement which does so much to promote community wellbeing".

At the half yearly meeting of the full Executive the proposal of the commission of a New Zealand musical was discussed. The Arts Council is to be approached for assistance with its promotion.

Executive - 1972

Patron Sir Arthur Harper, KCVO, CBE, JP
Vice Patrons Tim Blennerhasset, Stanley Campbell, Eva Moore
President Jim McKenzie (Hamilton)
Immediate Past President Jack McSkimming (Palmerston North)
Vice Presidents Ralph Moore (North Island - Auckland); Murray Marshall (South Island - Christchurch)
Executive Jack Hancock (Tokoroa); Brian Jackson (Lower Hutt); Jim Fenton (Invercargill)
Hon Secretary Ella Duddridge
Hon Treasurer Frank Terry
Member Societies 74
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