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History - 1975

Written on January 31, 2017

During the year, Mr Clapshaw died suddenly and the Executive appointed Mrs Sandra Sewell of Auckland to fill the vacancy.

In his report to the AGM, the President expressed concern as to the future of the Federation as its application for the 1976 administration grant had been sent (along with the Theatre Federation) to the Council for Recreation and Sport.

Executive were particularly apprehensive as over the years, a good understanding and liaison had been established with the Director and staff of the QE11 Arts Council. It appeared that its future policy was tending to cater for professionals to the detriment of the amateur movement.

Special guest at the AGM, Edward Woodward notable English actor said " ... the only different between professional and amateur performers was that the professionals got paid, and it was the enormous enthusiasm in amateur theatre that always thrilled him. In England many professional directors and performers were getting involved with amateur theatre".

A lengthy discussion was held concerning the cost and difficulty of recruiting musicians for orchestras. Most professional musicians would not perform with amateurs because of the Union regulations.

New ideas presented at the meeting were that Councillors should convene zone meetings during the year and that charges for hireage of lighting equipment should be standardised.

Following the resignation of Mrs M Reid as Spotlight editor, Mr John Barrett of Hamilton, was appointed. Mrs Reid continued as business manager.

The Chairman of the Capital Assistance Fund, Mr Tim Blennerhassett resigned and Mr Denis Brown of Wanganui AMDRAM replaced him. At this stage the fund had grown to $18,417.

The NZ musical had progressed and was being circulated to societies for their consideration. It was written by Mr John Densem of Christchurch.

The Federations' administration manual was compiled by Frank Terry and was distributed free to all societies. Updated pages and additional material are to be prepared and distributed as they become available.

The first winner of the JC Williamson Trophy for Best Production was Tokoroa Operatic Society's "Oliver".

The library had grown to approx 4,000 books.

Executive - 1975

Patron Sir Arthur Harper, KCVO, CBE, JP
Vice Patrons Tim Blennerhasset, Stanley Campbell, Eva Moore, Donald Thompson MBE
President Jim McKenzie (Hamilton)
Immediate Past President Jack McSkimming (Palmerston North)
Vice President - North Island Brian Jackson (Zone Three - Wellington)
Vice President - South Island Jim Fenton (Zone Five - Invercargill)
Executive - Zone One Frank Clapshaw (Hamilton)
Executive - Zone Two Stan Ransley (Tauranga)
Executive - Zone Four Norma Sweeney (Greymouth)
Hon Secretary Ella Duddridge
Hon Treasurer Frank Terry
Member Societies 88
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