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History - 1976

Written on January 31, 2017

The new method of funding the Federation caused some frustrations and adjustments in matching up to the criteria of the Council for Recreation and Sport and lack of liquidity caused by the time taken to obtain decisions on the Federation's submissions.

Membership and audience figures became the major criteria on which our administration grant was based.

In this year the Council's grant totalled $11,805.

A long established trend overseas surfaced in NZ with the development of theatre restaurant. Revision of liquor laws added interest and ease of operation with this type of entertainment. The NZ musical unfortunately got "bogged down" this year and efforts to set it up on a workshop basis failed. Some re-writing was done and it was hoped that 1978 would see its production.

In association with the Playwrights Association of NZ and under the aegis of the British Council, the Federation supported a tour by Miss Ann Lee, Head of Drama at Evans Plays in London. She conducted seminars for professional and amateur playwrights and musical theatre. She visited ten operatic societies and was hosted privately by many of our personnel. The tour was organised by Stanley Campbell.

CAF this year continued to grow and reached $20,063.

The increasing net loss on Spotlight to the Federation's caused considerable concern and it was decided this could no longer be tolerated as part of the Federation's expenditure. The price had remained constant at five cents for society copies and ten cents for individuals for 15 years.

To address the widening disparity between Spotlight's income and expenditure, the price was raised to fifteen cents to societies and twenty cents to individuals including postage.

Spotlight editor John Barrett offered to compile a history of the Federation and "Operatic Operation" was launched in the June issue, requesting societies and individuals to send material relevant to such a project. Such was the response by the next issue of Spotlight that it was realised that such a project was far too big to be contained in one book, so societies were encouraged to compile their own histories with support of the Federation towards publication if necessary.

Executive - 1976

Patron Sir Arthur Harper, KCVO, CBE, JP
Vice Patrons Tim Blennerhasset, Stanley Campbell, Eva Moore, Donald Thompson MBE
President Jim McKenzie (Hamilton)
Immediate Past President Jack McSkimming (Palmerston North)
Vice President - North Island Brian Jackson (Zone Three - Wellington)
Vice President - South Island Jim Fenton (Zone Five - Invercargill)
Executive - Zone One Sandra Sewell (Auckland)
Executive - Zone Two Stan Ransley (Tauranga)
Executive - Zone Four Norma Sweeney (Greymouth)
Hon Secretary Ella Duddridge
Hon Treasurer Frank Terry
Member Societies 90
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