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History - 1980

Written on January 31, 2017

Reflecting on the Federation's first 20 years, President Brian Jackson said in his annual report, "our entrance into the 1980s has been interesting and rather vigorous administratively. We have had a our problems sustaining "Spotlight". We have been short on cash. With the assistance of the Methven Choral Society we launched our first commissioned musical. We have been aware of difficulties experienced by member societies in a number of ways, but overall there has been a strong sense of loyalty and cooperation within the membership of the light operatic movement which continues o make our venture as a Federation of all our societies well worthwhile. Contributory areas like the Capital Assistance Fund and our national library have continued to expand and demonstrate their value to members repeatedly".

The AGM featured the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Federation with over 160 officers, delegates, observers and guests attending.

The opening address at the meeting was delivered by Mr Ken Comber, Under-Secretary to the Minister of Internal Affairs, who had maintained a close interest and helpful liaison with the Federation.

He expressed appreciation and admiration for the hard work and dedication that went into amateur operatic productions and the high standard of them. However, he felt the Federation should adopt a more "self help" policy financially noting that per capita levies to Dominion levels in sporting bodies were far higher than that of members of operatic societies.

He suggested that an amalgamation with the Theatre Federation could benefit both bodies in respect of finances, administration and shared activities.

He closed his address by recognising the importance of organisations such as operatic societies to community life.

The Council for Recreation and Sport assisted the Federation with a grant of $13,100 from the National Projects Scheme and a later supplementary grant of $2,000.

At this time the Capital Assistance Fund stood at over $31,000 providing a valuable source of funds at very low interest rates for those societies that had contributed to it.

Executive - 1980

Patron Sir Arthur Harper, KCVO, CBE, JP
Vice Patrons Tim Blennerhasset, Stanley Campbell, Donald Thompson MBE, Mostyn Duddridge
President Brian Jackson (Wellington)
Immediate Past President Jim McKenzie OBE (Hamilton)
Vice President Jim Fenton (Invercargill)
Executive - Zone One Sandra Sewell (Auckland)
Executive - Zone Two Nola Speir (Tauranga)
Executive - Zone Three John MacGibbon (Dannevirke)
Executive - Zone Four Betty Dallas (Greymouth)
Executive - Zone Five Betty Bridgman (Alexandra)
Hon Secretary Ella Duddridge
Hon Treasurer Frank Terry, MBE
Member Societies 91
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