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History - 1985

Written on February 1, 2017

For many societies the highlight of the year as far as the Federation was concerned, was the five week tour of New Zealand by leading British operatic director, performer and writer Alexander Bridge.

Mr Bridge conducted lectures and weekend seminars throughout the country exhibiting his considerable expertise in all facets of theatre.

The grant from the Council for Recreation and Sport at $13,300 was the same as for several previous years and comments at the AGM from members indicated their belief that a disproportionate amount was being dispersed to sporting organisations.

Once again Spotlight's falling subscription rate, 15% in 12 months, and the increased costs of 36% over the same period caused the Federation considerable concern and societies were again urged to make special effort to increase its circulation.

The comprehensive insurance policy package prepared on behalf of the Federation continued to serve the participating societies.

Commission to the Federation this year reached almost $4,000.

Freight and travel subsidies continued to be in keen demand by societies to help defray costs of movements of sets and delegates costs associated with travel to the AGM.

A remit at the AGM continued the ongoing issue of whether the AGM should be decentralised. The following remit was eventually carried after much debate and it heralded the "new look" conference - "that the Federation's present policy of holding every second AGM in Wellington be rescinded and that the Executive ask societies who may be interested to host future meetings submit their application to the Executive for its consideration".

This has proved popular with several societies applying to host the AGM each year. Hosting societies have provided their own particular mode of hospitality and entertainment, and the addition of trade displays and displays by societies in the foyer of conference venues have all added colour, interest and information.

During the year a publicity pamphlet was produced by Mr MacGibbon on behalf of the Federation, explaining the structure of the Federation and the services it offers. This was widely distributed to societies, schools, other theatrical organisations and people with a vested interest.

Having completed his term as Immediate Past President, Mr Brian Jackson was farewelled from the Executive on which he had served for 14 years.

During the year the Capital Assistance Fund passed the $60,000 mark, a significant sum which enabled the fund to provide worthwhile assistance to societies.

For the first time this year, the "Chappell's Disaster Trophy" was awarded at the AGM. This is to be awarded annually for the best disaster story submitted to Spotlight by a society.

Executive - 1985

Patron Sir David Beattie, GCMG, GCVO, QC, Governor General
Vice Patrons Tim Blennerhasset, Stanley Campbell, Donald Thompson MBE, Mostyn Duddridge, Jim McKenize OBE, Frank Terry MBE
President Jim Fenton (Invercargill)
Immediate Past President Brian Jackson (Wellington)
Vice President Nola Speir (Tauranga)
Executive - Zone One Sandra Sewell (Auckland)
Executive - Zone Two Ray Spence (Te Awamutu)
Executive - Zone Three John MacGibbon (Dannevirke)
Executive - Zone Four Tony Flannagan (Greymouth)
Executive - Zone Five Dennis Schwartz (Wanaka)
Secretary/Treasurer Shona Brown
Member Societies 83
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