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History - 1991

Written on February 1, 2017

For the third successive year the Federation sadly recorded the death of one of its valued Vice Patrons - Mostyn Duddridge.

Moss was one of the most colourful characters at the Federations AGM5s always amusing delegates with his self-introduction of the underpaid overworked husband of the Secretary, Ella Duddridge. Moss was also a talented MC at the Federation's Anniversary dinners and will be remembered also for his delightfully witty sense of humour and his find Welsh singing voice.

Societies this year found their income reduced by the decreased spending of the leisure dollar and many had to accordingly reduce their level of activity. However most accepted the challenge to trim their expenses and make every dollar count.

Conference this year was held in New Plymouth. The Friday seminar was again well attended and delegates appreciated an excellent address by Mr Bernie Derby who spoke on copyright. The concept of moving the conference around the country continued to be a popular one giving delegates an opportunity to view other societies' venues and facilities and to vary travel.

The new look Spotlight with its new cover design and glossy paper was admired by societies but with an $8,000 loss this year, its continuation is increasingly dependent on patronage from the societies.

This year societies were again reminded to peruse carefully their Constitutions and adjust them as necessary to ensure they came within the category of 'charitable organisations' for taxation purposes. A deputation met with the Minister of Revenue, Mr Wyatt Creech to discuss this matter. The onus is on societies to word their Constitutions appropriately. The Executive undertook to monitor the taxation situation and lobby the Government to provide tax exemptions as enjoyed by sports clubs.

The Capital Assistance Fund peaked this year to $140,000 and was further boosted by arrears of bank interest of $9,000.

Giving recognition to the increased costs of getting delegates to conference in Greymouth, the Executive increased the travel subsidy monies in total to $6,000.

Vastly increased freight costs and movement around the country of "Me and My Girl" prompted the Executive to reinstate the freight subsidy. this was also intended to provide an incentive to other societies to build sets for hire.

During this year as predicted, funding passed from the Hillary Commission to the QEI Arts Council and the Federation was pleased to be granted $15,000 tagged as follows: training costs $6,000; administration and management $3,000; Spotlight $3,000; Manual of Administration update $1,000; freight subsidy $2,000.

The Ministry of Culture is to define the role of the revamped Arts Council following responses to its questionnaire "A New Act or the Arts" which in part addressed the issue of trying to attain parity between professional and amateur (or recreational) arts with regards funding. Concern was expressed that the Amateur Arts Assembly, also under the Arts Council, was seen as a lobby group and as such may not continue to receive funding from that Council.

This year Mr Jack Stewart retired from the position of Librarian and was replaced by Joy Watson a renowned actor and director. It was hoped to relocate the library in central Wellington but the scarcity and costs of storage space at this time are prohibitive.

The Manual of Administration was updated this year and distributed to all societies along with a copy of "Managing Clubs and Societies in New Zealand" by Kerr Inkson, Professor of Management Studies at the University of Auckland, who drew his material from a study of 25 organisations including operatic societies.

The response to a questionnaire to societies regarding training was disappointing but those that replied indicated help 'with administration would he of most use. Funds were therefore allocated to zones to distribute to societies who organised their own seminars.

Two additional executive meetings augmenting those held over Conference weekend were held and in both cases relevant zone members were invited to meet with the Executive on the Sunday morning. This was an excellent opportunity for societies to have informal discussions with the Executive which appreciated their input. This concept is to be continued as such meetings with member societies all over the country will enable the Executive to formulate more meaningful policies.

Executive - 1991

Patron Frank Terry MBE
Vice Patrons Tim Blennerhasset, Jim McKenzie OBE, Frank Terry MBE, Ella Duddridge, Jack Hancock, Jim Fenton
President Nola Speir (Tauranga)
Vice President John MacGibbon (Dannevirke)
Executive - Zone One Sandra Sewell (Auckland)
Executive - Zone Two Ray Spence (Te Awamutu)
Executive - Zone Three Donna Philpott (Wellington)
Executive - Zone Four David Waters (Blenheim)
Executive - Zone Five Gordon Bain (Invercargill)
Administrator Shona Brown
Membership: Society: 83; Corporate: 8; Education: 35
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