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History - 1992

Written on February 1, 2017

During the year the Administrator married and became Shona Spencer.

In the current economic climate, societies were seen to be having to manage their finances very carefully. Likewise the Federation, which however, maintained its services to societies.

It has yet to be seen what the impact of the Federation's dependence on the QEll Arts Council will have once the new legislation regarding the Council is in place.

The increased interest in the Federation by Corporate Members and schools is most pleasing! the former seen as providing a good pool of technical information and personal relations with societies and the latter providing potential performers for the future.

With the rising costs associated with mounting large theatre productions and the lack of suitable new material for 'big' shows becoming available, societies' own theatres are being increasingly used for smaller and more profitable shows.

Following the resignation of the librarian this year. Margaret Austin was appointed. She has continued arranging for more books to be bound.

Societies have become aware that with more schools producing musicals, they are imposing on societies' audience catchment. Careful and continuing liaison with schools is seen as the answer to minimising this competition.

This year Spotlight took on an attractive new formula with a coloured front cover. The costs of production and the decreased circulation continue to cause concern as none of the funds from the QEll Arts Council are tagged for the magazine so its continuation rests entirely with member societies. It was suggested it could revert back to its original form, that of a single page broadsheet but this would be considered a most regressive step.

The Capital Assistance fund has increased dramatically over the past five years and this year its capital base stood at over $154,000 with the current top interest rate at 59% Travel and freight subsidies were uplifted by 23 societies proving their worth for assisting delegates to attend Conference and sets to move around the country.

Interesting statistics were obtained through a questionnaire sent to societies. The 48 that responded were seen to have over nine million dollars in building assets and over two million dollars in sundry other assets.

The 15% commission obtained from NZI. which had taken over from General Accident providing a package insurance scheme for operatic societies, again proved a valuable source of income.

Mainly because of the cost factor, the emphasis on training has shifted from the Federation at national level to the zones with many societies and zones facilitating training seminars. The workshops on a variety of topics at Conference were also considered of value.

This year the concept of Merit Awards was adopted to recognise the long term commitments many people had made to theatre through their respective member societies. The criteria for nomination included a minimum of 25 years service covering any aspect of theatre. The Awards will be presented annually at Conference.

At the AGM of the Amateur Arts Assembly the subject of taxation was raised and the Federation's work in this regard was acknowledged as being of value to the AAA members. The Assembly will also lobby Government for a change in legislation to include amateur arts groups to have tax exemption as do sports groups.

Executive - 1992

Patron Frank Terry MBE
Vice Patrons Tim Blennerhasset, Jim McKenzie OBE, Frank Terry MBE, Ella Duddridge, Jack Hancock, Jim Fenton
President Nola Speir (Tauranga)
Vice President John MacGibbon (Dannevirke)
Executive - Zone One Sandra Sewell (Auckland)
Executive - Zone Two Ray Spence (Te Awamutu)
Executive - Zone Three Donna Philpott, QSM (Wellington)
Executive - Zone Four Tony Flannagan (Greymouth)
Executive - Zone Five Gordon Bain (Invercargill)
Administrator Shona Spencer
Membership: Societies: 79; Corporates: 9; Education: 40
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