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History - 2005

Written on February 1, 2017

Annual conference was held in Ashburton at the Hotel Ashburton and hosted by Variety Theatre Ashburton.

The conference was well attended with over 200 people and as well as being informative, a good deal of networking and fun was had by all.

15 merit awards were given to those recognised by societies for their contribution to musical theatre.

During the year, a productive meeting was held with Creative New Zealand and they are at last beginning to recognise our contribution to the musical arts sector in NZ. They asked for comment, to input into future strategies. Hopefully this is only the beginning of discussions which will benefit us all.

Ongoing partnerships with our licence holders are continuing to develop and grow to the advantage of us all. MTNZ has also been working with Playmarket to try and promote New Zealand plays and musicals in our schools and societies, and ETNZ, to promote Health and Safety in our theatres.

It is disappointing to report a deficit for the year in the annual accounts of $2,191-00. Several factors have contributed to the turn around in our finances from the 2004 year where we reported a surplus of $4,489-00 with the most obvious being the $2,200-00 reduction in income from subscriptions. Whilst the number of members has remained relatively static, subscriptions are down due to societies changing subscription category. The Executive are again reviewing the level of subscriptions to ascertain if an adjustment is required. During the year we increased the Honorarium paid to the Administrator which whilst adding additional cost the adjustment was necessary to accurately reflect the nature of the role as it currently operates. The Executive is mindful of the need to balance the books and will be paying close attention to finances in 2006.

The MTNZ monthly newsletter Kate's Korner Kate's now has an email circulation of approximately 600 email addresses, as well as a printed copy going to all members.

Capital Assistance Fund - three loans (totalling $37,200) being granted this year. These were to Hokitika, Alexandra and Nelson. There has been much discussion during the Executive meetings about restructuring how societies apply for loans.

There will be a presentation at the Invercargill AGM on this and the Executive are intending to introduce a new application form. Whilst some societies are applying for loans giving all the necessary information, some are not and the CAF Management Team want to make sure all the correct information is supplied in the first instance so the loan application is not held up waiting for correct or further information. There weretwo Executive meetings - the first one in Christchurch on 16 July and in Hamilton 29 October, along with two teleconferences (Standing Committee Meetings).

The combined South Island meeting was held successfully again in Oamaru in August.

Executive - 2005

Patron Nola Speir QSM
Life Members Tim Blennerhasset, Ella Duddridge, Jim Fenton QSO, Sandra Sewell, Shona Spencer, Nola Speir QSM, Tony Flannagan, John MacGibbon
President John Antony (North Shore)
Vice President Ian Reid (Napier)
Executive - Zone One Delwyn Smith (North Shore)
Executive - Zone Two Ray Spence (Te Awamutu)
Executive - Zone Three Donna Philpott, QSM (Wellington)
Executive - Zone Four Ross Benbow (Nelson)
Executive - Zone Five Margaret Pethick (Invercargill)
Administrator Kate Ghent
Membership: Society: 75; Corporate: 20; Education: 49; Associate: 6
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