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History - 2016

Written on May 10, 2017

The past year has proven to be another very busy and highly successful one for our organisation. Our AGM and Conference in Rotorua was a great success and attendance numbers far exceeded our expectations. Once again those who attended took the opportunity to participate in the informative seminars and forums presented by some of the best presenters available and also soaked up the networking opportunities. Our thanks must go to our hosts Rotorua Musical Theatre and especially to Deidre Miller, Chair of the organising committee and her team for the support they gave to Kate our General Manager in putting the whole weekend together. We are most grateful for the on-going support we receive from our corporate members at conference time not only by supplying equipment but also the manpower to transport, install and operate this equipment at no cost to MTNZ. I would like to thank David Bosworth, The Light Site and Glen Ruske, BOUNCE NZ for their on-going sponsorship in this area. We also receive sponsorship towards meals, drinks, awards and the provision of presenters/speakers for the many forums and seminars that are now an integral part of our annual meeting. Special thanks must go to our Conference Gold Partners - iTicket, Origin Theatrical, BOUNCE NZ, The Light Site and MTI Australasia.

Our special thanks go to John Herber Limited and NZ Fire Shield Limited, our Conference Platinum partners and our major sponsors, who continue to generously sponsor your organisation. This support received from Graeme, Diane, Deane, Mark and Amanda enables MTNZ to operate under a lot less financial pressure and allows us to undertake projects that otherwise could not possibly be considered.

Finance and Governance

Financial sustainability – 50% member subscriptions 50% external funding.

MTNZ set an ambitious target of trying to achieve 50% funding from outside its traditional member subscription base. Unfortunately, the economic climate and the changing focus of funding bodies meant we only received $16,000 in grant funds towards the expenses of the General Manager as opposed to $37,000 in 2015. We also received grant funding for the NextGen Boot Camp and Executive costs throughout the year. Unfortunately, we were not successful with our application to Creative NZ for the NextGen Boot Camp for $5,000. We received funding and sponsorship for our national volunteer training weekend from MTNZ corporate members and trusts.

55% Societies in Group Insurance Scheme

MTNZ has achieved this goal at 59% with 47 of 80 member societies changing to the MTNZ/AON scheme. We will continue to work on this during the 2017 year with a target of 70% participation.

Two surveys – one per production and one annual return 70% survey return rate

Although we almost achieved this target with a 66% return for annual surveys, which is up by 6% on 2015, this target has not been achieved with only a 62% return for production surveys. We know that setting a target of 70% is at the very high end of what you would normally expect with survey participation but given this information is vital for us when prompting MTNZ to funding bodies we set a challenging target, however, the survey information we have received will be very useful for the Executive as we move into 2017.

Review constitution around Executive structure and Governance compliance

The review was completed and the result was recommended and passed at the 2016 AGM as follows:

  • The Executive to include a NextGen representative (criteria for NextGen to be included) with full voting rights. To be elected annually for a maximum period of two years
  • President, maximum term four years
  • Vice President, maximum term four years
  • Zone Representatives, maximum term eight years

The Companies Office was notified and the changes to the constitution were updated and approved.

Governance Compliance

Although MTNZ reporting did not have to be in line with the new financial reporting structure until 2017, MTNZ as a national body, led the way as an example to our members and reporting under tier three for 2015 in 2016.

Health and Safety Compliance

MTNZ held seminars at all their zone meetings and national conference regarding the new Health and Safety at Work Act which came into effect on 4 April 2016. MTNZ engaged the services of Steve Lloyd who is the MTNZ Health and Safety Advisor and he developed templates for our members to use within their societies so they can become compliant with the new legislation. MTNZ is holding a workshop at the national volunteer training weekend in New Plymouth in March 2017 which is stage two and societies are encouraged to bring their health and safety plans and work through them with a panel of professional practitioners who work in this area.


Risk management assessment of the General Manager's stored information

Risk management assessment has been completed. As a result, the MTNZ documentation is now stored in Dropbox with access available to key MTNZ Executive members. All financial reporting and management for both MTNZ and CAF is now through Xero and key MTNZ Executive members and the MTNZ Financial Advisor have access to this.

Assess which social media market segments we want to participate in

MTNZ has achieved this with our Facebook page with over 8,500 followers, a new closed community page for MTNZ members which is proving very successful for communication between members and a new closed community page for NextGen. MTNZ also has separate training and workshop group pages. MTNZ researched this area and given its diverse membership, Facebook is the right social media channel for MTNZ to engage with its community. MTNZ is also presenting a Facebook 101 forum and a seminar on how to use a number of cloud based software options, at the national volunteer training weekend in March 2017 so our members who want to use social media can learn how to participate fully with this medium both personally and for their societies and learn about other cloud based applications that could be useful for their communities to use.

Engage and socialise with other national bodies

MTNZ achieved this by attending the ETNZ (Entertainment Technology NZ) and Charities Commission AGMs; Arts Advocacy meetings and strategic planning forums in Wellington. MTNZ's President and General Manager attended the Association of Community Theatre Conference in Sydney in late September and it was very beneficial for both New Zealand and Australian community theatres to engage, share ideas and network. The MTNZ President presented to the AGM an outline and information about community theatre in New Zealand which was very well received.


Community engagement increased by 5% - this was on par with our 2015 survey results

We had 2,500 cast members for 104 productions. Participation as follows:

  • 27% participation by youth under 16
  • 31% participation by those aged 17 – 29
  • 40% participation of the 30 – 64 age group with 3% over 65.
  • Production team participation was the strongest in the 30 – 64 age group at 67%.
  • 403,248 volunteer hours we recorded over 86 productions at an average of 4,689 hours per production
  • Total number of volunteers for involved in 57 societies was 6,097
  • Total No of volunteers for involved in 57 societies was 6,097

Workshops for local artist and technical development

MTNZ focused on the NextGen training opportunity this year. There were local training opportunities in the zones and ETNZ offered technical workshops for those wishing to upskill.

Musical theatre workshops for young people (NextGen) - segment 18 – 29

MTNZ held its first NextGen Boot Camp in Dunedin 19 – 21 August 2016. The upskilling of these young people by New Zealand industry professionals was more than achieved and it was a positive experience for all involved. In 2017 the NextGen Boot Camp will be held in Cambridge 18 – 20 August. MTNZ has taken on board the feedback from the group and have also included a technical and directing component for our NextGen/youth who have an interest in these areas so more community theatre youth can participate and engage with the national body.

260 attendees at annual conference and the registration fee capped at 2015 level

The registration cost for 2016 conference was kept at the same fee as 2015 and March 2016 and we had 329 delegates attend Rotorua conference. This is the largest attendance at a national volunteer training and conference weekend in our history and MTNZ are hopeful that will be the trend moving forward. MTNZ has kept the conference fee at the 2015 level for 2017.

Evaluate all venues into workable consortium categories

PANNZ (Performing Arts Network of New Zealand) conducted a survey of all venues around New Zealand and now have an up to date database available to access by all arts and entertainment industry organisations. MTNZ members participated in this survey and shared the information about their venues with PANNZ for the database. EVANZ (Entertainment Venues Association of NZ) has an extensive venue database which MTNZ members can access if required.

Training and Education

Taking a leadership role in the arts and entertainment industry with Health and Safety

This was achieved as MTNZ is contacted frequently by other industry organisations and groups for our resources and templates in this area, including the Australian community theatres. Our Health and Safety Advisor also provides guidance via email for not only our members but others who have questions or queries.

AGM workshops to update legislative and compliance requirements

MTNZ members had the opportunity to participate in these at the 2016 Zone Meetings. Our Health and Safety Advisor and Vice President who also has a thorough understanding of the new legislation, attended a number of meetings and we also provided updates for our members through social media and our newsletter. There were also opportunities for the MTNZ members to attend forums at annual conference and zone meetings on changes to the Incorporated Societies Act, constitutions and new reporting standards. This will continue in 2017 at national conference and zone meetings.

Health and Safety Guidelines and templates on line resource for all members

All guidelines and templates have been completed by our Health and Safety Advisor and MTNZ members have full access to this resource.

Talent identification criteria to assess current skill base level for the opportunity to advance qualifications.

MTNZ is working with ETNZ and SkillsActive to establish a framework for certifying current competence for our technical practitioners. A number of our corporate members are involved with ETNZ and SkillsActive working groups. MTNZ is confident we have a good and knowledgeable representation of our requirements as number of these technical people work with our community theatre members on a day to day basis in the venues and as key production personnel. MTNZ has asked the ETNZ Qualifications Consultant and the President of ETNZ to update the members on this area at the March 2017 conference. There will be a workshop at the conference and good attendance indicated thus far.

MTNZ will continue to use ETNZ for all technical training opportunities and discuss with them the opportunity for assessors for our community theatre technicians to obtain competence certificates to work in venues around New Zealand.

Seek funding and appoint a part time MTNZ Training Co-coordinator

The MTNZ Executive agreed as funding applications have not been successful this year for the General Manager's office expenses and a number of Trusts will not support administration costs, there are other priorities that MTNZ can apply for funding for (NextGen Boot Camp and other workshops and training opportunities) so it was agreed to put this initiative on hold and revisit it in the future.

Executive - 2016

Patron & Life Member Mrs Donna Philpott, QSM
Life Members Mr Jim Fenton QSO; Mr Len Speir; Mrs Shona Spencer; Mr Kevin Murphy Mr Tim Blennerhassett; Mr Markham Lee, Mr John MacGibbon; Miss Sandra Sewell; Mr Graeme Philip; Mrs Diane Philip, Mr Ian Reid
President Mrs Lesley Carthew
Vice President Mr Daniel Pepperell
Zone One Representative Mrs Pauline Vella
Zone Two Representative Mrs Ngaire Holmes
Zone Three Representative Mrs Sharron Pardoe
Zone Four Representative Mr Ross Benbow
Zone Five Representative Mrs Helen Horsnell
NextGen Representative Miss Gwen Lyon
General Manager Ms Kate Ghent
Honorary Auditor Mr Len Speir
Honorary Solicitor Mr Markham Lee
Business Advisor Mr Kevin Murphy
Cultural Advisor Ms Nadene Edmonds
Health & Safety Advisor Mr Steve Lloyd
Capital Assistance Fund Management Team Mr Kevin Murphy, Mrs Lesley Carthew, Mr Daniel Pepperell
Capital Assistance Fund Administration Ms Kate Ghent
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