MTNZ NextGen Bootcamp 2024

This Bootcamp focuses on three things - gathering together young people from NZ's theatre community - encouraging lasting friendships and connections; providing masterclass training in key theatre disciplines; and hauora in our theatre spaces - health and wellbeing - for ourselves and others.

Who: MTNZ NextGen - ages 18-35. MTNZ strongly values the accessibility to performance training and opportunities for diverse ranging needs, please contact us if you would like to discuss your accessibility needs. Whether you have been to an MTNZ training opportunity before, you are welcome! 

What: The weekend features:
- Masterclasses in vocals, acting, dance and stage management.

- Training options in managing the physicality of nerves and/or stage combat/fighting.

- A collaborative session exploring the question: how can we contribute to thriving, inclusive and healthy theatre culture? 

- Wellbeing - Q+A panel: How do we care for the wellbeing (physical and mental) of ourselves and those around us? 

- Collective choir workshop - prepare a theatre item. 

- Networking/social time - theatre karaoke will also be making a come-back! 

Where: MTNZ is thrilled to be facilitating training in the Wellington Region. Bootcamp is at Brookfields Outdoor Education Centre; Lower Hutt. Help with transport and airport transfers is available. 

When: 4pm Friday 26 - midday Sunday 28 July - 2024. 

Cost: $150.00 - Full weekend. Includes meals (dinner x2, lunch, cooked breakfast x2, morning and afternoon tea and supper x2), accomodation, training and weekend facilitation/resourcing. 

$100.00  Saturday only - access to training workshops and relevant meals. 

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Stage Combat/Fighting: Join Carrie for this amazing opportunity to gather skills for your performance kete in stage combat/fighting. How do we get 'physical' safely and convincingly?  Cover basic unarmed combat, learning how to knap and take hits. 

The Physicality of Nerves: Join Sam to explore The Physicality of Nerves - develop practical tools to help overcome the physical impact of nerves whether it be in performance or audition spaces. 

Acting Masterclass: Building Character and Intention 
In this class we explore how to build character, emotional landscapes and intention through physicality.  From awareness of self to setting a neutral body - a blank canvas to build your character on, we explore the possibilities of character using weight, tension, and natural elements to build story and connection with others. 

Dance Masterclass: Intermediate/Advanced Workshop - “The Great Gatsby” Musical is the new show on Broadway and has hit social media with a bang and their album is coming out in June so why not do something new and fresh. Choreographer Dominique Kelley is someone Aroha  enjoys following and is inspired by. This workshop will cover the roaring 1920s style with a current stylised flair. Focusing on owning the dance floor and commanding an audience with just your dancing. We will work on progressions across the dance floor and then a dance number to one of their numbers from the show. 

Dance Masterclass: Broad Dance Workshop - “Hamilton” having taken the world by storm, this is a musical that everyone knows. Using hip hop in a more stylised way to create a powerful performance is what we will be working on in this workshop. This workshop will cover basic hip hop style including small combos and across the floor work then learning a dance number to one of the songs from Hamilton. Hip Hop is not always everyone’s cup of tea but Aroha will be sure to make you walk away feeling confident in this style!

Vocals Masterclass: Join Sam for Vocal Troubleshooting: Explore vocal techniques to overcome tricky repertoire through this interactive masterclass. 

Stage Management: Join Steve to explore stage management fundamentals and more advanced components including: In this workshop, participants will learn:
• Building a Team • Human Resources • Roles and Responsibilities • Code of Conduct • Children Management
• Health and Safety • Risk Management • Wellness • Planning and Collaboration

Combined choir item: Join Sam as, together, we workshop and prepare a theatrical number (item announcement pending rights). 

Wellbeing Workshop: Join Steve to unpack wellbeing - both physical and mental. We will explore the impact it has on us, and how we can take help support the wellbeing of both ourselves and the cast, crew and teams around us. 

Thriving theatre cultures: facilitated by the MTNZ Team - join us for this collaborative effort to explore what contributes to theatre spaces which are inviting, inclusive, encouraging, safe and thriving. What is our role in fostering these types of theatre spaces?

A huge thank you to our sponsors and funders: 

☑️Te Pūkenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (Formerly  Waikato Institute of Technology Wintec) — Academic Institution from New  Zealand, experience with ADB, DFAT Australia, DANIDA, FCDO, EC, NZAID, UNDP,


Our Training Extraordinaires!

Sam Cleaver

Composer, musician, artist and educator, Sam Cleaver has been drawn to Musical Theatre since playing the title role in Lionel Bart’s Oliver! at age 10. He has been involved in more than 30 musical productions in New Zealand, and has toured internationally as a performer. Equally at home in the orchestra pit or on stage, some of Sam’s highlights as Musical Director include Chicago, Legally Blonde, The Addams Family, Urinetown, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Avenue Q. He has won three ‘Zony’ awards for Best Musical Direction, and is also a skilled pianist; his piano compositions have been featured in the Trinity College exam syllabus since 2015. Head of Voice at St Peter’s School, Cambridge, Sam is a fully qualified and accredited Estill Master Trainer.

Carrie Thiel

Carrie Thiel is a professional actor and movement director whose career has spanned theatre, opera, dance, film, television and video games, and taken her across many continents.  Carrie is currently finishing her MFA in Directing at Victoria University of Wellington and specialises in choreographing believable intimacy and violence. 

Carrie has worked as an intimacy coordinator on television productions for Netflix & TVNZ, feature films, short films, web series and theatre productions, and on a wide range of projects as a performance director including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (dir Peter Jackson), Alexander (dir Oliver Stone), and Kingdom of Heaven (dir Ridley Scott).  

Carrie is also a trained and accomplished stunt performer and a certified fight director with Fight Directors Canada, as well as a founding member of Aotearoa Fight Directors.  

Aroha Davidson

Aroha began dancing at the age of 5 and hasn’t stopped since. Aroha has been teaching dance for over 10 years now and has always loved that she can pass her knowledge of dance and performing on while also learning from the dancers she teaches. Aroha loves creating an enjoyable atmosphere in her classes where everyone can express themselves through movement, her classes are often noisy and full of laughter. Aroha is excited to start the year and see her dancers grow in their love for dance. Aroha will also be running our Musical Theatre classes. Aroha choreographed for The Upper Hutt Musical Theatre productions of The Adams Family & Moana.

Steve Lloyd

Steve has over forty years of musical theatre in his blood starting onstage as art of local gang shows, through to school productions. Steve is onto his 121st musical theatre production that he has been involved with and has worked with Auckland, Wellington and Taranaki societies in NZ as well as societies in Sydney and Melbourne.
He has been both onstage and offstage mainly focused on areas of technical design and operation as well as stage management and production management. More recently Steve has been heavily involved in the development of materials and coaching around Health and Safety with a specific focus around impacts to Volunteer organisations.
Steve has supported the MTNZ executive team with health and safety advice for three years and is always keen to help any musical theatre society who is seeking clarification on legislation and obligations.