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MTNZ is the national voice of community theatre, providing data and information to non-members, businesses, other arts and non-profit organisations, as well as the media and government agencies.

When you join MTNZ you will be a part of an organization dedicated to quality, live theatre as a contributing player in New Zealand's communities.


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Zone 3 Newsletter

Hi everyone

As I mentioned in Spotlight I have a secretary for this year, Ant Collier from Napier Operatic Society. Ant is young, enthusiastic and a talented actor but behind-the-scenes is where he prefers to be. Ant has put together the attached newsletter (linked below) for me and he's done a great job. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to download the newsletter.

Please feel free to contact me at any time and share this newsletter with all your data bases.

Kind regards
Zone 3 Representative,
Musical Theatre New Zealand

April Spotlight

In this month's Spotlight...

  • Greetings from MTNZ President Lesley Carthew
  • 55th AGM and Volunteer Training Weekend Christchurch - it's a wrap
  • Thank you to our fantastic conference partners and supporters
  • Other Competition and Award Results
  • Introducing our new Nextgen Rep - Gwen Lyon
  • Conference 2016 - Rotorua
  • News from around the Zones
  • Life Time Achievement Award - Kay Nagy
  • What's been happening down the West Coast
  • Showbiz Christchurch- back in business - Phantom opening Thursday
  • John Antony QSM - we remember
  • Happy Days - set/props share
  • New reporting standards for charities
  • The MTNZ Strategic Plan
  • New associate member - Aaron Tindell
  • Announcing the Wellington Training Weekend 5 - 6 September
  • BOUNCE Sound 101 Workshop Alexandra 12 April
  • News from the copyright holders
  • What's on MTNZ Calendar

Click here to download the April Spotlight.

REGISTER NOW - Junior Theatre Project - Train the Trainers Intensive - Christchurch, NZ

Join Industry professionals Doug Kamo, Teesh Szabo, Stuart Hendricks & Nikol McKail for a full day of musical theatre workshops.

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or you're just getting started, you will acquire new skills, learn best practices and walk away energized and ready to tackle any musical theatre challenge that comes your way.

All attendees will also take home some valuable resources, discount vouchers for their next musical and one lucky school or community theatre will WIN major discounts off their next musical.

Click here to download a pdf flyer, or here to view the full details on the Hal Leonard website.

February 2015 Spotlight



Surveys Surveys and Surveys

9F - A Forum Discussing Recent Survey Findings - Presented by Glenn Vallender with Terry O'Connor (MTNZ Vice President).

Don't you love them? Although only one tool, surveys are necessary for gathering useful information for planning, programming, enhancing, funding and growth. Community theatre is an integral part of the cultural fabric of society. Without being informed with reliable evidence, individual Societies and MTNZ as a whole would stagnate and entrench. Surveys offer the opportunity for you and your MTNZ Executive to make sensible decisions based on evidence. Your honest and reliable input is what provides this information. As the old adage says, if you put garbage in you get garbage out.

Your MTNZ Executive have taken a bold initiative and developed an online survey designed to make it easier for you to input information about the productions your society has presented to the public. A key aim is to use this information to not only gain sponsorship and funding but also to develop new programmes and initiatives that address the collective information that you have provided. In the end this information is for you and your Society.

Come along to a seminar and learn about the findings of this year's survey of productions that 63 Societies have presented. You will be fascinated.

Email if you would like to attend this forum. Terry will be doing an overview at the AGM of the production survey results - but for a more in-depth look - come along.

In This Month's Spotlight...

  • Thank you to our awesome conference partners and sponsors
  • Presidential Greetings from Lesley Carthew
  • Conference 2015 - info and updates- register now
  • MTNZ NextGen Update - meet our new rep Gwen
  • Junior Theatre Festival - Atlanta report from VP Terry O'Connor - an opportunity for you to check out Junior Theatre - Train the Trainers on Sunday at conference - see the attached flier
  • News from around the zones
  • Memories of Maureen Potter
  • Mamma Mia - here I go again... Don't you just love auditions...
  • Check out Showbiz Christchurch's new rooms
  • New associate members Kindle Theatre Company
  • New associate members Harmonious Events
  • These ladies really were for hire .. a great story from Musical Theatre Oamaru
  • OSTAs and Noticeboard
  • Yep, she's still got it - the timeless and amazing Jane Keller
  • Eventfinda - ticketing made easy
  • Popstars - new show from David Spicer
  • Latest news from entertainment technology
  • BOUNCE Sound Workshop Napier 1 March
  • Wireless Comms from the Light Site
  • Tessa May Brown and Karl Perigo from Napier Operatic star in...

MTNZ NextGen Representative Announcement - Gwen Lyon - from March 2015...

As you are all aware, our current NextGen Representative Daniel Pepperell's two year tenure will conclude in March 2015 at the AGM in Christchurch.

Last October we asked for nominations for this position and a large number of candidates were nominated by our society members which is most encouraging as it is a great testament that our Youth Initiative is gaining momentum which is fantastic news for our theatre communities looking into the future.

The calibre of the applicants was also very high which made our job difficult and I would like to thank those societies and candidates for taking the time to apply and work through the nomination process.

There were a panel of three Executive members including Daniel Pepperell our current NextGen Representative who made the final recommendation to the MTNZ Executive with a unanimous decision - Gwen Lyon nominated by Hamilton Operatic Society.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the entire membership, especially the MTNZ Executive, to thank Daniel Pepperell for his huge contribution. Dan came into the role which was newly created after a "think tank" session in Napier in 2012 with Gary Gumbleton, who has also contributed much to our Youth Initiative, with great drive and vision and we thank Dan for his work and "leading the charge" with our NextGenners and society members - so Dan, thank you so much.

Gwen will be coming to conference in Christchurch, and is looking forward to meeting many of you then.

Kind regards
Lesley Carthew
President - MTNZ

Click here to download a pdf copy of this information.

December 2014 Spotlight

Last Spotlight for 2014 – next edition in February 2015.

In This Month's Spotlight...

  • Christmas Greetings from our corporates
  • Thank you to our conference partners and helpers
  • Presidential Greetings from Lesley Carthew
  • Conference 2015 - info and updates - register now
  • MTNZ NextGen Update - looking for our NextGen Rep
  • News from around the zones and NextGen - what happened to Merryn’s Christmas tree...
  • Spotlight on Kerikeri Theatre Company
  • Noticeboard - directors required, consortium opportunity, congratulations to...
  • BOUNCE NZ - Sound 101 Workshop announced for Napier in March 2015
  • Updates from ETNZ
  • Light Site LED Pixel Drape for hire
  • Into the Heights - a new show from Origin Theatrical
  • Spotlight on David Spicer Productions
  • Festival of Song - NZ Singing School
  • CCMT Emerging Talent School Information
  • Operatunity presents...
  • MTNZ Calendar for 2015

Click here to download the December Spotlight.

November Spotlight

Most Importantly This Month:


Has your society completed its production survey return? Contact Kate at the office if you have misplaced your password and instruction email - we need your participation - thank you.

Conference 2015 - registrations now open...  All conference information is available here:

Earlybird registration fee of $245 ends 31 December - accommodation filling fast so don't delay.

In This Month's Spotlight...

  • Surveys - we want you!!!  Please participate
  • Presidential Greetings from Lesley Carthew
  • Conference 2015 - info and updates - register now
  • MTNZ NextGen Update - looking for our NextGen Rep
  • How you can stay connected with MTNZ on social media
  • Introducing our new Health & Safety Advisor - Steve Lloyd
  • News from around the Zones
  • Saturday Night Fever - mini consortium opportunity
  • iTICKET Update
  • Updates from ETNZ
  • Operatunity Presents...
  • Into the Heights - a new show from Origin Theatrical
  • Goldmynd - DANZ

Click here to download the November Spotlight.

Conference 2015 Update

Registrations are now open for the Musical Theatre NZ 55th AGM, Conference and Volunteer Training Weekend All conference information is now available on our website

October Spotlight

Most Importantly This Month:

Conference 2015 - registrations will open 7 October...  All conference information will be available from our website from Tuesday...

During the week starting 13 October ETNZ will be launching the consultation period for the new 'Technical Training' qualifications that are being developed for the Entertainment Industry.  Meetings will be held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and will be an opportunity for anyone that is interested to come along and find out about how this training initiative will affect them, the industry and MTNZ members.

Feedback is welcomed both on the night, and for the two weeks following the meeting.  See the ETNZ Website ( and Facebook pages for more information and updates.

  • Auckland : Monday 13 October - Goodman Fielder Room - Level 4 Aotea Centre
  • Wellington : Wednesday 15 October - Skills Active premises - 9 Sages Lane
  • Christchurch : Thursday 16 October - Court Theatre
In This Month's Spotlight...
  • Presidential greetings from Lesley Carthew
  • BOUNCE NZ 101 Sound Workshop this weekend
  • Conference 2015 - info and updates
  • News from around the zones
  • Latest news from iTICKET
  • Hamilton Operatic costume hire
  • Technical Training Qualifications - ETNZ
  • Light Site - soft LED pixel drape for hire
  • NZ Playwrite Devon Williamson making it big in the US
  • Special offer from Dominie Drama and Piers Chater Robinson
  • OneMusic Licencing Update
  • Evita auditions Napier
  • Goldmynd - DANZ

Click here to download a pdf version of this month's Spotlight.

OneMusic Licencing

Due to the lack response from the MTNZ Society membership to the OneMusic survey that Ngaire Holmes our Zone Two Rep asked you to participate in earlier this year, unfortunately OneMusic did not receive enough information to enable them to create a bespoke licence for the Musical Theatre NZ membership, so OneMusic have made a decision to not licence theatre spaces for the public performance of background music.

Any music (that is in APRA's and/or PPNZ's repertoire) requires permission prior to the use commencing, the background music that is used pre show, at intermission and post show in a theatre space requires a background music licence. As the OneMusic relicensing project has shown the inclusion of these spaces has seen a tremendous increase in licence fees. This was never their intention. For MTNZ members they will only licence the foyer space, if there is a bar then an OneMusic Hospitality Licence is required, if no bar then an OneMusic Retail and General Licence is required. Both are linked here:

The differentiating between Hospitality and Retail/General is not ideal and OneMusic know that our members will most likely think ‘Hospitality’ should only reflect a bar open every night and not applicable to them then Greer is happy to accept a Retail & General Licence instead.

With regard to your current invoices please phone Greer Davies on 0800 800 663 or email Greer will work through whether you need to amend the licence agreement and invoice or whether a new licence agreement needs to be completed.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for our membership to participate in future surveys. Our first production survey will be on line from next week (Kate will be sending out information about this early next week). We need you to help us, to enable us to help you.

If you are require any clarification or wish to discuss this further, please contact Greer at OneMusic 0800 800 663 or fax 09 623 2174 or